Fairbanks, Alaska


CoEd Main Dormitory
A word about our CO-ED dormitory policy...

Billie will attempt to separate the sexes, but sometimes that is not practical - especially during the busy summer months.
Living Room (Main House)


Billie has a pet Schnauzer named "Sugar". She likes to visit hostelers (although she is NOT allowed in guests' sleeping areas). If you DO NOT like dogs then this IS NOT the place for you.

Private Room (2 Singles)
CoEd Dormitory or Private Quad Room
Common Room
Front Yard Gazebo and Pavilion
Dormitory or Private Quad
Balcony Day Bed

The Hostel Setup

We offer several room and bed types, and we have many common (shared) areas around the hostel.

Lower Level
Main Kitchen, Main Bath, Common Room, Free Hostel Phone, Free Wi-Fi, t.v. (w/Roku), Living Room, Deck area.


Upper Level 
Sleeping area, Wi-Fi, additional Bathroom , quiet area.  Upper Deck area.  ** ROOMS MAY BE CO-ED - especially during the summer months!!!  If this makes you feel uncomfortable, this is NOT the hostel for you. 


Main House   
Billie's private residence. Two Private rooms with shared  bath and living room are available.  Ask Billie for more information.



Unheated Gazebo that sleeps four (summer use only)  and offered at a discount .  Ask Billie. 

Also on the grounds are picnic tables, a large deck, barbecue, Bikes (when available), Swinging Bench. and outdoor seating areas.


Tent Space

$20 PER PERSON and includes all amenities -  long hot showeres - anytime, coffee, TV etc...

We also have an extra tent or two  to set up if you prefer to  sleep outside but are not equipped to do so.  Tent Space is very limited.   


Garage Storage 

Large enough to store your packs, bikes and gear while you are away exploring for a few days or for a few weeks.  YES... ITS FREE  STORAGE!

Billie will also store your other smaller  personal possessions in her private area while you are out exploring- Just Ask!!

Single Private Room

Back Yard and Pavilion
Main Bath
Double Private Room
CoEd Main Dorm Bathroom/Shower
Hostel Living Room
Bathroom #4
...a good ol' dog....


Billies Backpackers Hostel

2895 Mack Blvd.

Fairbanks, AK 99709