Fairbanks, Alaska


Private Rooms

We offer a variety of private rooms:

  • A private room with a queen-sized bed
  • A private room with two single, twin-sized beds
  • A private room with a single twin-sized bed
  • 2 private rooms, each with 4 bunk beds (one with a balcony area and the other in part of our main dormitory)

ONLY the rooms are private. Bathrooms, common areas and the kitchen are shared with other hostelers.

(Notes: the private room with queen bed and the private room with two twin beds share a bathroom in Billie's private residence. The private room with balcony is accessed from the balcony through another room containing a day bed.

All Private Rooms may be booked and confirmed by using

You may begin the booking process for a private room by going to and searching for the private room you wish, OR by clicking on the photo of the room you want -- which will direct you to (opening in another window). Please ensure that the dates you desire and number in your party are correct in Airbnb. Prices vary by season.

Airbnb charges a nominal booking fee.

You may also book a private room by calling Billie directly with a credit card, OR you may also request a private room by going to our Reservations page and completing the form.

Private Room/Queen Bed
Private Room Main Dorm/4 Bunk Beds
Private Room/2 Twin Beds
Private Room/Single Bed
Private Room Balcony Dorm/4 Bunk Beds


Billies Backpackers Hostel

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