Billie's Backpackers Hostel


Hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation for travelers, where guests can rent a bunk bed in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and kitchen. They’re great places to meet like-minded travelers from around the world, share stories, and plan events together.

You will always receive the best rate by making your reservation at, or contacting Billie directly at 907-479-2034.

Your reservation must be cancelled through the same method you used to make it.  FOR EXAMPLE:  If you booked a stay using AIRBNB, then you must also cancel your reservation using AIRBNB. 

NO!  Billie does not stay up 24/7.  That being said, Fairbanks has several flights that arrive around and after midnight, so please let Billie know if you expect to arrive after 7pm or so, and you will be provided with late check-in instructions. If you do not receive these instructions please let Billie know before you arrive.

Checking In

As you will discover, if you arrive to Fairbanks by air, there are A LOT of “around midnight arrivals.” 
If your flight arrives after midnight, please make sure your reservation includes the PREVIOUS date, or your space will NOT be available until 10am.

For example:  If your flight is landing at 1am on July 4, then your reservation must include July 3rd as well.  Otherwise, you are welcome to check-in at 10am on July 4.

If you are on one of these flights, then let Billie know so that she may send you late check-in instructions.

Checking Out

IF you have a late departure, you are more than welcome to hang out at the hostel until your departure or go out and explore the local area. 
I am happy to store your things (large and small) for you until it is time to leave.   The hostel is too small for individual lockers, but I do have a locked secure garage, and my own private area to keep things safe for you.

Billie’s is a small hostel, and it takes time to offer the space to someone else. There is no charge for cancellations made 48 hours before your check-in day. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours of notice before your check-in DAY will incur a charge of the full amount of the reservation.


For example: if you are arriving on July 4, then you would need to cancel by the end of the day July 1st to avoid any charges. In other words, Billie need 2 full days to be able to offer your cancelled space to someone else.  (All times are Alaska Time Zone).


Billie is happy to help accommodate you, if possible, with any changes you may require. 

Early departures are generally non-refundable, but please let Billie know if you expect to leave before your departure date and you may discuss it.    

Billie’s is a Co-Ed hostel.  Billie does her best to separate the genders, but that is not always possible and not guaranteed.

The hostel is an adult environment.  You must be 18 years or older to stay in the dorm style rooms (shared rooms).

12 -17 years of age may stay in a PRIVATE room if accompanied by a parent or guardian during their limited stay with prior approval from Billie.

Billie will provide linens, including sheets, blankets, towels and a pillowcase. Sorry,  we do not allow any outside bed linens (we don’t know where they’ve been).

Generally NO.  Billie’s is a hostel for visitors. Our goal and purpose is to provide lodging to travelers from all over the world, most of whom are visiting for the very first time.  Billie does not accept reservations from local residents, unless previously arranged and in most cases that would require proof of something like getting ready to attend UAF (University of Alaska – Fairbanks), a local event, or proof of onward travel.

There is a Laundry  on site. The cost is $10 for a wash/dry/soap. 

There is a big secure garage where you can store just about anything you wish, from bikes, to canoes, to backpacks.  No charge.  You can even arrange to have your things arrive before you do and we will keep them for you.

No, but the Little Owl Cafe is one block away, and other eateries are within close walking distance.  Billie does try to keep oatmeal, rice, and cereal available for free.  If you are really hungry, and can’t get to the store to make something in the common kitchen, then please let Billie know and she will find something for you. 

As much as we’re honored that you wish to stay long term, we are sorry, there are not weekly rates.  We do not rent long-term and 7 days is the limit unless pre-arranged with Billie in advance.  Ask Billie for other options for long term stays in the area if this is what you are looking for.

Not beyond the front door, unless you arrange with Billie so that she know’s who is here, why and when and for how long.

The rate for any of the private rooms is for the room.  Each room however has a maximum capacity.  Additional overnight guests are not allowed beyond that capacity.

If you are here between Late August and Late March, the chances are pretty good.  Fairbanks is one of the best places on Earth to see the Northern Lights.  While many like to book an “Aurora Tour”, which can be a lot of fun, that is not necessary.  If the “lights are out” you will see them right outside the main door of the hostel.   See the daily Aurora Forecast on the “Winter” page.

That depends on when you are here.  Fairbanks is in a low broad valley and only 446 ft. above sea level.  It has one of the widest variations of temperature of any city in the world.  Summers are beautiful, long sunny days, and generally warm, 

 Winter can be extremely cold, dark and long.  If you are visiting in winter, please come prepared.

Payment by Visa, MasterCard, are fine, as is cash. Reservations require a valid credit or debit card to hold the reservation.

Please note:  The card may be charged 2 days prior to check-in (see the 2 days advance notice cancellation policy).  If the card is declined for any reason, the reservation will be cancelled without notice.

This is Billie’s private residence and she is unable to accept pets of any kind.

All bed rates are subject to an 8% local “Bed” Tax, that will be included in your total.

Upon check-in, guests must provide a state-issued ID or passport.

Billie has a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your booking 48 hours PRIOR to your arrival DAY, it will result in a cancellation charge equal to the total cost of your reservation on the credit card you booked with.

Billie does not accept third-party payments. The person making and paying for the reservation MUST be one of the people actually checking in. You may be asked to provide matching identification and the credit card that was used to make the reservation.